Finally leaving



Some of you may remember my thread about finding the courage to leave everyone and everything behind in search of a life of dignity and liberty. Well, I’m back to tell all of you that my leap of faith has paid off. I will be getting on a flight to the United Kingdom in approximately 4 days. I don’t know what the future holds beyond that, but I know that my fate will now be in my own hands.

I’m not saying this to brag, but to try to give you hope. Every single one of you deserves a life of freedom. One where you don’t fear for your life simply because of who you love. And even beyond that, you deserve a love that is deeper than all the oceans of the world; a love that is so true, that it must not live in the shadows of oppression, but be celebrated in the glorious light of the Sun. So I am begging you, give yourself a chance, contact every organisation and ask them for help. It’s never too late to live the happiness you’ve earned so much.


Hey there,
Very happy it worked out for you. Wish you all the best for this new chapter in your life. :grinning:


Wish you all the best :blush: