About the future



How do you see your future? Do you plan to see yourself marriage with the one you love, rising kids and be yourself
Or masturbate till you die

Being a gay had a great impact in my life and I don’t if I should put it in this way but being gay is gift and I’m truly thankful because it taught me what it means to be a minority that’s made smarter and more flexible. So my question to people like me from the MENA: have you ever thought of immigration?

That’s means being who you are without banner but also means to be rootless.


rootless… oh yea
but since i wanna have a family with a lady that i will shareife with so yea i thought of moving abroad
but you know, dealing with so much stress made just wanna have a normal solo life… having a family will be heavenly… but now i wanna move out to just heal my soul


Yea I’m definetly planning to go out of MENA region. I’ve minor issues compared to lots of people but I know that this region is hellnon earth.


Definitely moving away! I’m practically itching to go. I know things aren’t going to magically fall into place when you move to a different country, but at least you’ll be free somehow right? I would love to have a family someday. It’s ridiculous how much I daydream about it. Someday, inshaAllah.