Good LGBT+ movies and series?



Carol (2015) changed my life frrrrrrr. It’s a period drama/lesbian love story starring the amazeballs Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara.

After watching it, I could NOT get it out of my head. I watched it again. And again. And again. I started reading the book it was based on, read all the fan fiction I could find, watched every cast interview and red carpet. I was borderline obsessed lol.

I was SO enthralled by their love story. I realized I have NEVER been this invested in any fictional hetero couple before. And that’s how I realized I was gay lololol. Also because Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara are super hot.

So, anyway. Any good recommendations? Gay things are seemingly all I can watch these days HAHA :rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag:


" Call me by your name " an Oscar winning, such a beautiful film and wonderful story it stuck in my head for years now.
Highly recommend :heart:


For me, the best movie was geography club … Also you can visit a YouTube channel called QTTV where you can find the best clips of lgbtq movies and serieses everyday… have fun


Yes!!! I love that movie. And that ending scene in front of the fireplace?! :sob::sob::sob: So much tears. I kind of hated it a little bit because it wasn’t a happy ending and Oliver went back to being with a woman. But I think there’s going to be a sequel to the book? I’m not sure though.


I have never heard of those! I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks :rainbow_flag:


I’d highly recommend Thai series when it comes to gay ones. They got the best ones imo and the quality is always great.

I’d recommend
Until we meet again the series

TharnType the series (it can seem problematic from the first ep but it’s actually way more and it sheds light on alot of the problems people may face. It’s just good all around)

Sotus The series

Theory of Love

These are all really well made dramas and the plots are just so good! You’ll find the language strange at the beginning if you’re not used to it but definitely should give it a chance anyway because they are definitely worth every second of your time!!!