What makes sexuality a more complicated and difficult subject in the middle east? is it religion, tradition & culture or something else?



Hi All, this is Beyan from Iraq! I would love to hear your opinions on this question, be fully honest and free. x


Oh boy!!! Where would one start? :joy:


The answer to your question is a disaster and I would probably be banned from the site if I spoke the truth. But here are some points to contemplate

  1. knowledge is lacking and going to university is not knowledge
  2. resistance towards questioning anything and everything that was handed down by ignorant ancestors
  3. wrongful practices of of misunderstood religious teachings that have no place in today’s world. Religion being used to brainwash people
  4. generalizations of what is wrong and what is right and allowing people to act as guardians of moral standards
  5. people not understanding that what others do is none of my business.
  6. inability to comprehend the meaning of “live and let live”
  7. crazy and absurd rituals and societal habits that are derived from Bedouin times that we are to afraid to question
  8. Societies refusing to admit that they way is wrong and requires fixing. Easier to deny the problem and hope it just fixes itself.
  9. hallucinations of religious Neanderthals that we take for fact
  10. the biggest issue is the lack of strict and binding human rights. That’s why our societies are brutal and violent

These are just a few off the top of my head.