I did it again!



I had a crush over a girl at the gym for over 4months, I tried to get close to her to know if she also like girls and once I did she got engaged. so yeah I did it again I fell for the straight girl AGAIN. I don’t feel like going to the gym anymore and I’m so frustrated.


Hey thanks for sharing your experience with us.
It’s ok to fall and then rise again. Then fall again and then pick yourself up again. Every mistake you make makes you smarter, wiser and more mature. Don’t underestimate the power of errors. Human error in analyzing a situation, is the most sure, fast route to learning and being a better version of yourself. If you hadn’t fallen as a baby, you wouldn’t be able to walk today. Take the positive from the situation and eventually the pain and disappointment will be gone.
Don’t be frustrated. We have all made the same mistake and are better and stronger after it. You have a loving heart and soul and the ability to love is the most honourable of all human emotions. You should be thankful for a heart that is so ready to love. It’s a sign of a giving and generous heart.
I know what I am about to say is easier said than done. Do not give anyone, regardless whom they might be or how much you love them, that much power in your life. No one should be able to stop your spirit and you plans for a healthy and fit mind body and soul. Lovers will come and they will go and you should never let them take away a piece of you as they exit. You are number 1. Always remember that. No one should ever be able to take your zest for life or alter you plans for yourself. Please go to the gym and do what you do everyday with a true smile imprinted on your heart. You matter, to everyone here and to myself as well. You should matter the most to yourself. You are only responsible for one girl and you can only control one girl’s actions. That girl who is your biggest responsibility is YOU and only YOU.
Pick up the pieces and look after your responsibilities towards yourself and when you are ready find one thing that you have learned from this situation.
It’s been my experience that, only through difficult times, can there be any true growth or improvement.
We are all here for you. Don’t walk this path alone.

P.s at least you have your own song,
“Oops I did it again” Britney Spears


Thank you so much, I really needed those nice words though I try my best to not let anyone take control of me but u know we r just humans and we just fall sometimes, thanx again leon😊


Glad to hear :grinning:
You will be just fine. Don’t waste your valuable life wishing what could have been. Look forward to what’s in your future and you never know how much more promising it will be, than the past.


do take it easy you will find that person