How it is to be a lesbian?



I’m so confused about my feelings for girls, I was always not into the idea of sex and all that stuff but I have strange feel towards my girl bestie
How can I know if I like girls ?


Hey girl,
Be a flirt, test the waters. Flirt around with boys girls and whoever catches your eye. It’s called testing the waters. Keep flirting and your heart will tell you who you are and whom you would like to be with. We are in a progressive time that is so exciting for females especially. Grab the bull by the horn, like they say. You are in charge and you need to do what you can to find out which of the genders touch your heart. Also be careful that no one takes advantage of your experimental stage. Men and women will pounce on you like hunters. So I repeat, you are a 2ks strong woman so take charge and don’t allow the Tigers and lions to take advantage of you till you have made your own mind up and know your choice.
We all fall into the bestie trap at a certain point. I personally don’t encourage it, as I don’t know of Situations where besties have worked out as lovers. Maybe it’s different for girls though.


Really well said , it’s so much realistic and helpful :heart::heart:


Sometimes u just fall for the person not the gender,