Are you religious?



I wanna know if that majority of the LGBT+ community is religious or not. I’m personally not but have met some extremely religious gays. Just out of curiosity, share your thoughts.


Hi there,
So nice of you to even care or think of others’ beliefs. So refreshing, in this day and age.
I am also very curious what made made you “not religious “ and what you mean by that?

I’m a moderate, I believe in the core principles. I don’t wear it on my sleeve.
I highly value teachings like; Love , forgiveness, peace, and acceptance, however those are moral values that I think every human upholds, regardless of religious belief or disbelief.
I am not fond of outwardly religious people. I find them hypocritical and hard to tolerate.


well, i am. i can’t say i’m fully religious if you mean carrying on the basics of my religion (muslim) i don’t pray enough, etc. i do agree with Leon though, i’m a moderate myself. i do believe in god of course i had time when i doubted everything/everyone even god i guess it happens to anyone but eventually i find my way back to him. when i read your post i immediately said yes, i guess that’s it. if the core of your questions is that how you’re gay and still religious or has this whole thing affected your faith/being religious, YES. it got harder by time balancing the two things i guess sometimes you get carried away in one way and you’re deep enough that is shaped your daily life and you just lost your religion in the way in. Being religious and LGBTQ is such a battle i can say.


I have full belief in my faith but I don’t practice it daily to be very honest. And this has changed throughout my life. I go from being very religious to just very faithful (I think these could be two different things because being faithful for me is really more about spirituality.) I do little things like prayers each time I wake up, each time I sleep, each time I get into a car etc. It helps me stay grounded, but it’s a battle, when horrible things happen in my life I do express anger at God for making it possible even though I know in the end it’s a test of my patience. I think having a strong faith is almost a meditating experience and it can be some kind of therapy for us.


I am not religios. I belive in not a god make man but man make god.
Thit is the reason for different gods.
Every society made thier own god, exacly the good they need.
I belive in nature an evolution.


To be honest, I’m not, but sometimes I don’t know because part of me wants to believe in something…don’t want to think there is nothing after death, even though sometimes I think that this might not be connected to religion 100%. It’s confusing, but who we are to tell! we’re just humans, we know nothing.


I’m not a religious person. I was born as a Roman Catholic. Even though I’m being tolerated as being gay. I felt like I’m being judged all the time when I go to the church. I felt there’s too much hypocrisy inside those walls and I cannot my true self if im surrounded by these people.

My principles are similar like Leon’s; Love , forgiveness, peace, acceptance and respect.


I’ve always had my own perception about religious stuff, I think religion is an important aspect in our lives but religion should serve us to be happy and authentic, so look at religions and then you’ll know what resonates with you


I might be religious and might be not. I want to desperately leave this religion because I don’t feel right. Also, it also sucks because believe it or not, Muslims used to praise the LGBTQ+ community. Seriously. But when the Christians came, they called the LGBTQ+ community a sin so that’s why we are here now. I used to read that in Islam, lesbian sex was a fucking cure.


Iam also moderate when it comes to religion, I might not believe in alot of stories, teachings and rules mentioned in all the holy books but I believe in the basis like loving one another, don’t lie, don’t cheat… Etc and I also believe that God exists but thats about it.


Hey Dimitry, just reading this. What is this based on? just an opinion?


Fact checker required