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  • 17-24_f_w_h1_f2
    What am I?

    So, Ummm, I’m really confused. I don’t think i can call myself anything because I’m not sure I know. i identify myself as straight becaus...

  • 17-24_f_w_h1_f2
    Good gyms in cairo?

    Any good gyms you can recommand? Plus looking for a gym companion! Let me know what you think ❤️.

  • 17-24_f_w_h1_f2
    I need a gym buddy!

    hello ! I want a gym buddy so bad, plus I think it would be a great opportunity to meet someone new and talk about mutual issues and goss...

  • 17-24_f_w_h1_f2
    How does it feel to kiss a girl?

    I'm new here and I'm really curious to find out how it feels and how different it is from kissing a man? if you've been through this with...

  • 17-24_f_w_h1_f2
    Friends with benefits

    I know this is somehow a weird way to put it and I dont know if this topic will get rejected or not .. but sometimes I want to have a fri...

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