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  • 25-34_f_w_h1_f3

    I'm very glad to have stumbled upon this community; sometimes staying closeted just drives me insane!

    As you can imagine, I'm new here...

  • 25-34_f_w_h1_f3
    Quick question

    Does anyone know where I can meet other lesbian/bisexual girls in real life? XD I know dumb question!

  • 25-34_f_w_h1_f3
    Need suggestions

    Hello guys,
    I have been searching for a therapist / psychiatrist who is okay with us, aka LGBTQ people, for a while now. Does any of you...

  • 25-34_f_w_h1_f3
    Mental Health

    I have been wondering for a while about where LGBTQ+ people who are suffering from any mental illness can get support. I came to realise ...

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