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    Just wanted to share that

    When we were in the bus , he kept holding my hand.
    When he ever sees me , he give me a real deep hug.
    Knows how to make me smile
    Hugs ...

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    A shade of a shattered memory

    So , basically , since i was 4 i felt something is wrong with me ... weird , awkward sense that actually makes no sense at all ...


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    Am i the one to fall ?

    Fell off my tree...
    Found another world to be ,
    where have the wind gone?
    have i been dead this long!
    or death is what i yet to hold....

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    My World And Yours :)

    - I hate being gay , not because i cant come out , why would i come out in a world where i`ve no rights , nothing to ensure me living fre...

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    That Gay Sound?

    So , is it me ? or every other gay is simply a bloody sex addict ?
    i`m not talking nonsense , i searched the whole web as the same time...

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    Well , as i am a Gray-Asexual , i would actually like to know if i not am the only one? .-.

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