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    Pen Pals

    It would be great to make friends and have pen pals. Have any of you met anyone that is fun and exciting?

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    Coming Out

    I'm wondering why is it just a big deal to "Come Out" ? Does anyone beside you even care?

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    Why you may struggle

    After spending some time reading these posts and inboxing a few ppl. I can see why there is some struggle. So I have some suggestions wor...

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    Fun in Cairo/Giza

    Does anyone have any fun suggestions for activities in either Cairo or Giza that are NOT the typical tourist traps?

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    Ahwaa Goals

    What do you seek to accomplish when communicating with others on this site?

    Allow me to address my own question first. I want to chat ...

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    Closed the door

    Is it so wrong to be in the closet? Does everyone NEED to know whom you desire intimately?

    I personally am totally okay with someone ...

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    What attracrs you the MOST to someone? For me, I find intelligence tonbe incredibly sexy! But physical features will never remain the sam...

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