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    LGBT journey

    hi all am karim at aviation academy and I am bisexual and I want to arrange with yo uto get out in some day in one house or even I can re...

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    lesbianism poem!

    gays poem

    Being gay is just like being human:
    Even if you want it, you can't choose.
    In everyone, beneath the day's confusion,

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    lesbianism poem 2 !

    poem 1:

    To my dads on Father's Day,
    On both of whom we both depend:
    My daughter reinvents my themes.
    Years pass, and well-wrought l...

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    poem #3

    Can't you see? Don't you care
    I want to die?
    Don't you listen? Can't you hear
    My silent cry?
    Won't you turn? Can't you hold
    Me to yo...

  • 17-24_m_w_h4_f1
    i lost my life cause i am bisexual

    i lost my family ! my friends ! my GF ! my best friends ! i lost my colleges in uni, even. i lost my self ! i want to die in peace and i...

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