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    hamza like to watch wrestling , thats what my family thought when i was a little kid , i was look for every game and watch , its defiantl...

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    اقتراح لإدارة الموقع

    انا مستخدم جديد ، كثير عجبني الموقع وفكرته ، انو هو يركز على العلاقات والهموم المنوعة للمجتمع المثلي ، بس استغربت قلة عدد الأعضاء وقلة ال...

  • 12-16_m_w_h3_f4
    Simple Hi

    Hi, i am hamza, 18 years old, i am GAY ,from Syria , but i live with my family in Saudi Arabia since i was 2 yrsold , planing to be an A...

  • 12-16_m_w_h3_f4

    for me, music is very important part of each day, even when i was suffering about myself and my secretly Homosexuality , music were the P...

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    فخرنا ..... يخيفيهم !

    بعد انتشار صور مسيرة الفخر للمثليين اللي صارت باسطنبول وبالتحديد صورة المثليين السوريين اللي رفعوا علم سوريا وعلم الثورة حنب بعض , الصورة...

  • 12-16_m_w_h3_f4
    Running to the freedom, and leave ur history

    Sometimes u just can't hide any more , u want to walk on the street holding ur lover hand and not be afraid of anything , it's hard somet...

  • 12-16_m_w_h3_f4
    ISTANBUL .... Wait for ME

    Hi ahwaa , i moved from Riyadh to Istanbul like 3 days ago , and i know that i'll not get my full freedom to show who i really am , but ...

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