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    Hey there,

    i know all of you have participated in a forum or another at a point of your life,
    but how many forums/sites/blogs were re...

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    The Gay Proof.

    i think many of you already guessed what i'm going to write about ... congrats to the Mr./Ms. who said: Asylum!

    The Golden Ticket to E...

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    Ahwaa Improvement


    first of all, i'm not an Admin, but i would like to hear your thoughts on how to improve ahwaa.. wishing admins will see this di...

  • 17-24_f_w_h1_f4
    "Homosexuality in Egypt" Survey

    Hello everyone,

    i got this idea of making a survey about homosexuality vs. homophobia in egypt, i wanted to highlight the risks facing...

  • 17-24_f_w_h1_f4
    Ahwaa Chatroom for anyone in EGYPT

    Hey there, i've created a chatroom for all of us in egypt to make it easier for us to chat Nd meet, a bonus: you can join it anonymously!...

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